Ashish Tulsian

CEO & Co Founder

POSist Technologies

It was year 2010, when Ashish invested in a restaurant while he was successfully running a telecom company. Once he got into the business, Ashish realized that running a restaurant requires an extra effort to manage every part involved with the business starting from inventory to customer service.
Being a tech person, Ashish thought of utilizing technology to help him manage the business; so he was out in market to look for ready-made software which could aid them in operations. Ashish was surprised to find that there was no such product in the industry provided there are companies as old as 25 years and are into providing hospitality and service-oriented software. This compelled Ashish to pull-out two employees from tech-team to build the initial prototype of the required software. And that is how POSist– a leading online POS, Restaurant Management software was created.
What started with just a goal to make Ashish’s restaurant operations faster, accurate and efficient today, has evolved to be present as a global product. And it’s not going to cease- The next aim is to make POSist a ‘restaurant- to- restaurant’ need.
Currently, it has a team size of around 150 people operating from different locations across the country. The company has headquarter in New Delhi.
Mr. Ashish Tulsian, Co-Founder & CEO of POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is a rare combination of a Technocrat and Restaurateur. He kickstarted his career founding a telecom company - TechnoApex right out of engineering college, serving all major telecom operators in India for value added services. A side investment in a restaurant out of passion brought him to this side of things.
Ashish realising the troubles of managing a restaurant hunted for an IT solution which could help him automate and remotely manage most part of it.
Ashish feels that the role of IT in restaurant in industry is quite underrated as of now, but firmly believes that it can impact business in more than imaginable ways. With POSist he believes they can change the way restaurants function.
According to Ashish the future for POS industry looks extremely bright as adoption of technology is percolating from large enterprises to small retailers to mom-pop shops. Building as well as delivering technology solutions is cheaper and costs get reduced further down. It will be the glue which will hold order taking, billing, loyalty program, payment gateways, CRM etc together. That’s the reason we call POSist a Platform and not just a POS anymore.
Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, Ashish Tulsian has been sharing his views on the restaurant industry for EtRetail.com, Business Insider and a gamut of publications.

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