JINJJA Chicken is a trendy Korean fast casual chain of restaurants that is unlike any others in Singapore. We are a halal certified, quick service restaurant that serves up a wide variety of Korea’s favourite street food, such as Korean Fried Chicken, Korean rice cake (Tteokbokki), various Korean noodles and rice dishes (Myeon and Bap), as well as Korean dessert (Bingsu). No other fast casual restaurant offers such an extensive range. We do not sacrifice price for quality or authenticity. We continue to import our proprietary sauces and recipes from Korea, we use 100% fresh chicken wings, yet our pricing remains amongst the lowest compared with other Korean restaurants. Since Oct 2016, we have built a total of 8 outlets, with 5 in Singapore, 2 in Malaysia and 1 in Indonesia. 

We currently have 2 staff from Dignity Kitchen. One of them is our Assistant Restaurant Manager in Bugis outlet.  

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